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2018 NEFT Limited editions 0,7l only wit

is unique

is recyclable

is sustainable

has no glass packaging

can’t break nor shatter

cools down quickly

has entertainment value

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"We drank vodka in our younger years – in fact, we have a reputable heritage for knowing good vodka, how it should taste, and how it should affect the mind. There is really no big secret to making vodka. We don’t claim any marketing gimmicks or "traditional recipes" as other vodka producers do. We know good vodka is the right mixture of good spirit and good water.

Great vodka does not need additives or flavours - there is no requirement to make it fancier. We do not use these tricks because when we developed NEFT for ourselves, our intention was to keep it simple and "friendly" to the human body.

That was our main challenge – to find the best spirit and water in the world and produce the vodka that causes the least harm to the body as possible. Our secondary challenge was to design the simplest, minimal packaging with maximum efficiency.“

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